Start a Tradition...Gather a Circle of Friends for a Wreath Making Party! 
November 25th  11am & 2pm
November 26th  11am & 2pm
November 27th  11am & 2pm
November 28th  5pm
November 29th  5pm
November 30th  5pm
December 1st   5pm
December 3rd   11am & 2pm
December 4th   11am & 2pm
December 6th   5pm
December 7th   5pm
December 8th   5pm
December 9th   5pm

  • Cost of the class is $60.00
  • Class includes: all materials, wine, cheeses, mulled cider, goodies and a great time! 
  • Pre-registration is required, call 792-1340 
  • We suggest that you bring a light pair of gloves and your favorite shears.