Sun Lovers

We have endless choices of flowering and foliage sun loving plants for your container gardens and or landscape. Whether it is hot tropical colors you are looking for, or cool calming combinations, we have it. Our selection includes many exciting choices for color, form and texture for all season interest.


Shade Lovers

Have you ever felt frustrated with those dark shady areas? Fear no more! We have a whole greenhouse dedicated to shade gardening. It is filled with many different types of plants that we have been specifically chosen for their excellent performance in areas of low light. Flower color, bright foliage and striking texture all make for a winning combination that will illuminate any shady spot.


Unique & Unusuals

Our selection of unique and unusuals opens up your world to plants you never knew existed or thought of using in combinations. We are consistently reinventing the wheel with plants from the past providing inspiration for spectacular window boxes and containers. Every spring our greenhouses are overflowing with an abundance of rare specimens. We wish to share our passion for these unusuals with you, and continue to strive to be in the forefront with our plant selection.


Coleus, The Colorful World of Coleus

Colorful, yes indeed. Coleus is a fabulous foliage plant with an immense spectrum of foliage color. The patterns and combinations of color and texture that their foliage brings forth will please any desiring eye. Coleus is a low maintenance and carefree plant. Providing great color and foliage to any container or garden with great consistency. While other plants may go in and out of bloom, coleus is always there in sun or shade providing you with never ending color, structure and texture. We feel coleus is such an outstanding plant with huge impact. In fact, we love it so much, we offer over 100 varieties for sale.


Succulents, Savvy Succulents Designed to Thrive

Mother Nature designed succulents with natural low maintenance, durability and sustainability. By storing moisture in their stems, roots and leaves they can withstand prolonged drought conditions. It’s their low water use that make succulents so very eco-friendly. Their ability to withstand high temperatures and drought conditions make them ideal container plants. Succulents have unusual consistent foliage that provides you with structure and striking architectural elements for any container garden. Perfect for a sunny windowsill or a hot landscape.